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piano bench too low

Bench Height

One of the most important first steps in playing the piano is to find the correction bench height. Piano benches and pianos can be different heights. People come in different sizes and proportions. Learning how to find the correct bench height is something everyone should learn in their first piano lesson.

Imagine if every time a violinist the violin their bow was a different length. Imagine if every time a tennis player played tennis the net was a different height. Violinists and tennis players would never tolerate this! Yet for some reason pianists commonly move from one piano to the next oblivious to the fact that they are not in a consistent physical relation to the instrument. This is perhaps partly due to the misconception that playing the piano only requires the fingers, and not the whole forearm. But it is also partly due to a general ignorance among many piano teachers about even the most basic aspects of healthy piano technique.

piano bench too low
Glen Gould hurt himself sitting like this.

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