The Taubman Approach to Piano

The Taubman Approach to coordinate piano technique is based on the pioneering work of Dorothy Taubman who systematized a scientific understanding of the complex motions underlying a virtuosic technique. The approach allows pianists to learn to play complex music without injury or discomfort.

It is quite common for pianists to experience injury. Sometimes these are passing discomforts that come and go. Such discomfort is not accidental or random. It results from poor technique. When these dis-coordinate motions are repeated over and over again, say in a conservatory practice room, they result in more severe injury, injuries that can cripple the hands and arms and stop one from playing. I have met countless injured musicians in my life, many who have had to stop playing music because of their injuries.

Brendan Cooney, piano teacher

My own experiences with injury led me to the work of Dorothy Tabuman, a groundbreaking piano teacher who was the first to understand the complex coordination of motions that make up a healthy, virtuosic  piano technique, and the first and only thinker to systematize this theory into a pedagogical method. In my studies of the Taubman Approach to coordinate technique I was able to overcome my own injuries and to achieve a level of technical and expressive ability at the piano that I had not previously thought possible for me to achieve. Whereas other schools of thought mystify pianists’ abilities with unhelpful terms like “talent”, the Taubman Approach shows that anyone can be taught to play the piano well and free of discomfort.

Brendan Cooney, piano teacher

I am a certified teacher of the Taubman Approach through the Golandsky Institute, the organization dedicated to continuing the trailblazing work of Dorothy Taubman.