About Me

One thing that sets me apart as a piano teacher is my background as a Jazz and Classical pianist. I studied Jazz Piano at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and maintain an active performing life as a jazz pianist. I am also a long-time student of Bob Durso, a master teacher in the Taubman Approach to coordinate piano technique, with whom I have honed my skills as a classical pianist and as a teacher of healthy piano technique. I am a certified teacher of the Taubman Approach through the Golandsky Institute.

Brendan Cooney, piano teacher

I have an active performing life, heading my own jazz trio, the Rhinoceri Trio, which won a grant from the American Composers Forum in 2010. I compose new scores for classic silent films, touring them around with various ensembles under the banner of my project Not-So-Silent-Cinema. I tour a few times a year playing classical chamber music in the New River Ensemble. I play the banjo in a variety of bluegrass bands. I am a founding member of the West Philadelphia Orchestra, a large brass band that plays Eastern-European music. And I work as an arranger for several famous rock/pop bands (most notably Dr. Dog). It seems I’m always busy, with my hands in many projects at the same time.Cooney3-smaller

What I enjoy most of all is teaching private piano students. My years of study in the Taubman Approach have given me a powerful set of tools for analyzing technical problems and solving passage work at the piano. I have a keen eye for technical detail and a host of tools for helping piano students solve problems at the piano. I work with beginner and advanced piano students of all ages and I am comfortable teaching both jazz and classical music at an advanced level.

I worked for 9 years in Philadelphia as a school choral director and jazz band director. I currently maintain a private piano studio, teaching from my home in West Mt. Airy.

Brendan Cooney, piano teacher